Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Ugly Truth Of Freedom

                                      The Ugly Truth Of Freedom

I saw a boy sitting alone
All alone beside a tombstone
Wailing for the loss he had undergone
In the war which left everyone to mourn.

The war which his custodians fought
To end the severe harassment they got
A war through which freedom they sought
Through which peace and harmony could be bought.

They knew it won’t be a good legacy to own
As life-long suffering can tremble any soul
They knew their tots won’t be able to abate
The unknown treachery written in their fate.

For this sole reason they put their life on stake
And crafted a plan for the rebellion they would take
But before they could start their journey to liberate
The tyrant cut off their head and threw them for vulture’s sake.

Thus a mighty uprising received a premature end
The bairns and babes were left with no warrior to defend
Thus the oppressor got a chance to enslave
The one whom he considered traitor and knave.

Oh almighty God, where’s that justice gone
Which persists for barbarians but for weak it was never born.
Where is that divine vengeance which fell like a bolt
In past, upon those defaulters like Stalin and Adolf.

Is this the ugly truth which we need to face
That those idols and shrine’s are just so bitterly fake?
And we are the one whose endeavour in past brought
That ultimate freedom which never existed we thought.