Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drop- my first poem...

This is my first blog poem...


I dropped from top,
On the slope of umbrella’s knob.
Though my friends took a leap,
And straight away fell on the heath.

I laughed at their witty pace,
As they took a big leap and lost the race.
I thought a lot about the step they did take
And wondered why they made that mistake.

I yawned and moved on,
Feeling sorry for other’s wrong.
Took a slide with full might
On the leathery slope of my flight.

My next stop was a boot
Its colour was pitch black like soot.
But before I could come back from trance
That man just then left his stance.

I just tried on to keep the pace,
And took a grip of boot’s lace.
Though clumsy all it looked
As my pals laughed at my holded hook.

Suddenly my vehicle stopped,
That was probably a hamburger shop.
But as you know I was hanging upon,
So I just fell off my vehicle’s prong.

That lace was probably my last vehicle,
As next I fell in a stream and trickle
There I got mixed with my fellow mates
Who were already coming from ditchy lakes.

And then I went into a pond beyond
Waited and sat still for many a days long.
Waited and waited for Sun to shine bright
So that I could heat up and vaporize.

Then arrived the day of my going home
The place from where I belonged.
Where in a comfy whitish couch I would live
With my brothers and sisters along.

As I left in my vapory state
My friends gave a hue cry of their fate.
Though as a drop they couldn’t weep,
But just imagine they did this deed.

So I went on and just went on
Into the blue sky in my invisible form.
And there I reached and again yawned
As it would take a long time for me to again DROP on.