Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We are not alone

This whole world isn't inhumane, but some of us are,
And those few ones leave on our face a dishonesty scar,
That's why it is hard for people to believe in other's good intentions,
Coz this world is still full of people with appalling pretentions.
But wait, we should hold on to the rope of hope,
And should believe in the fact that there's still some scope,
Scope of change in the hearts of one who are doomed,
Coz a rose of virtue in their soul can still be bloomed.

Don't you forget there'll always be an end,
From where a new starting will begin.
And together we all will enlighten this world,
With wisdom and faith surrounding them and furled.
There'll always be a friend who will pretend to forget his work at home,
To accompany you outside the class coz he can't see you standing alone.
Though a mongrel strays all day in those ghastly streets,
But even he is able to finds a pack with discrete breeds.

There are some people betrayed by their own,
But some stranger is always there without a heart of stone.
No different is an old man whose love of life is forever gone,
But instead of crying, he smiles recollecting those moments he in past cherished on.
There are siblings fighting whole day long,
And where the elder one bosses others coz he's strong,
But at night in dinner when the supper is served,
He gives his little brother the half cookie he had reserved.

Love is always there around you and me,
We are maybe ignorant or too naive not to see,
And this love is not the one we always seek everywhere,
It's a love of human for a human without fear.
No one asks for deep affection from a paragon you see,
Even a little coo of a dove can make anyone blissfully happy,
Though it might be cloudy all day and sun may have not shone,
But at night the moon comes up to convince us that we are not alone.