Thursday, April 25, 2013



A Poem by Amit Amola

I just loved you,
And loved you too deep
I just want to show you,
The true love in me.
But I can’t just make you feel,
The love which resides in me,
And that’s why I am alone,
With loneliness beside me.

I just saw you smiling one day,
With a beautiful look on me,
I felt like I am drowned,
As if ‘m soul free…

But my life became a painful sin
When I found that I did a vainfull thing
That it was not me, whom you gave a smile,
But was a handsome guy, whom you just said goodbye…

Not like me, he took his chance,
And asked you, to take you in arms,
You very gracefully accepted the request
And thus very scornfully brought an end to my love quest..

But how can I reveal,
The truth of that rogue to you
He is not a good guy my love,
He has many more like you…

I am heartbroken,
I am full of pain,
Not because of your behavior to me,
But of your choice which you made too soon…