Thursday, April 25, 2013

Miss calls!

Miss calls!

A Poem by Amit Amola

Tring-Tring rang the cell !
Running towards that trembling bell;
Thought of someone, want to talk.
Aiming the number on screen-
Which was shimmering all light green……

After a while, shush was mobile.
I looked into it with a smile.
An old friend remembered I,
A “miss call” I don’t know why?
Is there a message to evoke?

Or is this a stupid joke?
Starts the work of guessing;
With some amount of suppressing.
Finally deciding not to hinder more;

I spell some bad, for that wicked foe.
With some more teasing sense;
He again tried to have a mess.
On this time twice it rang,

Red eyed, I shut off my cell with a bang.
Breaking his all wish of call back,
I went for a sweet sleeping spell……
Tring-Tring rang the cell;
But I went for sleeping spell !