Thursday, April 25, 2013



A Poem by Amit Amola

I just loved you,
And loved you too deep
I just want to show you,
The true love in me.
But I can’t just make you feel,
The love which resides in me,
And that’s why I am alone,
With loneliness beside me.

I just saw you smiling one day,
With a beautiful look on me,
I felt like I am drowned,
As if ‘m soul free…

But my life became a painful sin
When I found that I did a vainfull thing
That it was not me, whom you gave a smile,
But was a handsome guy, whom you just said goodbye…

Not like me, he took his chance,
And asked you, to take you in arms,
You very gracefully accepted the request
And thus very scornfully brought an end to my love quest..

But how can I reveal,
The truth of that rogue to you
He is not a good guy my love,
He has many more like you…

I am heartbroken,
I am full of pain,
Not because of your behavior to me,
But of your choice which you made too soon…

Miss calls!

Miss calls!

A Poem by Amit Amola

Tring-Tring rang the cell !
Running towards that trembling bell;
Thought of someone, want to talk.
Aiming the number on screen-
Which was shimmering all light green……

After a while, shush was mobile.
I looked into it with a smile.
An old friend remembered I,
A “miss call” I don’t know why?
Is there a message to evoke?

Or is this a stupid joke?
Starts the work of guessing;
With some amount of suppressing.
Finally deciding not to hinder more;

I spell some bad, for that wicked foe.
With some more teasing sense;
He again tried to have a mess.
On this time twice it rang,

Red eyed, I shut off my cell with a bang.
Breaking his all wish of call back,
I went for a sweet sleeping spell……
Tring-Tring rang the cell;
But I went for sleeping spell !

Hope Is Alive

Hope Is Alive

A Poem by Amit Amola

As the sun set in dawning style,
But not as similar to the morning time.
I moved in the dark with my withering steps
As some of the successor went laughing by.

Little time ago, I too was in this race
But soon got lost due to my own mistakes.

I am walking alone in this nightmare dark,
With fog helping the rivals, in diminishing my spark.

Soon some passed with their successful stride
With their lights opened at ultimate height.

In my lost world, when hope was shorted sight
I found the right path, and went straight aright.

Soon that barrier of faultiness was deprived
And I got this feeling that:-
Hope Was Still Alive

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Ugly Truth Of Freedom

                                      The Ugly Truth Of Freedom

I saw a boy sitting alone
All alone beside a tombstone
Wailing for the loss he had undergone
In the war which left everyone to mourn.

The war which his custodians fought
To end the severe harassment they got
A war through which freedom they sought
Through which peace and harmony could be bought.

They knew it won’t be a good legacy to own
As life-long suffering can tremble any soul
They knew their tots won’t be able to abate
The unknown treachery written in their fate.

For this sole reason they put their life on stake
And crafted a plan for the rebellion they would take
But before they could start their journey to liberate
The tyrant cut off their head and threw them for vulture’s sake.

Thus a mighty uprising received a premature end
The bairns and babes were left with no warrior to defend
Thus the oppressor got a chance to enslave
The one whom he considered traitor and knave.

Oh almighty God, where’s that justice gone
Which persists for barbarians but for weak it was never born.
Where is that divine vengeance which fell like a bolt
In past, upon those defaulters like Stalin and Adolf.

Is this the ugly truth which we need to face
That those idols and shrine’s are just so bitterly fake?
And we are the one whose endeavour in past brought
That ultimate freedom which never existed we thought.

The Unexpected Departure

                               The Unexpected Departure

Though every second my brain cell grows,
And every moment I get one minute old,
Should I be merry that my birthday has arose,
Or rather I should be in grief that my farewell is close.

This is the delusion which simply arose,
Because of our tendency to forget and ignore.
To forget the sorrowful end we will receive,
At the end of our life for ignoring and deceive.

Deceiving those friends and admirer of thine,
Who had love and affection for you every time.
Each and every moment who would feel the pain,
Of parting with you as their affection went in vain.

They are the one who would be so obsessed,
By you and your memories and your rejoicing jest.
They were the one who deserved at least,
A last meeting with you till you take your last breath.

That last glimpse of your eye’s spark which they couldn’t get.
Those last words they heard from you which they can’t forget.
Oh! Doesn’t they deserved to see the moment when you left.
Or either to gain your meagre importance they had to give a test.

If you could come back from your eternal afterlife,
And see the dreadful condition of the people including your wife.
You would find those people are in so miserable state,
That even their tearful eyes couldn’t change the fate.

Though this rule of nature is itself so utterly bleak,
That every time when someone departs, we all start to weep.
This wailing for short time is not so prolong,
As every person on this land knows that show keeps going on.

A humble Request to Nature

                               A humble Request to Nature

Here I tread upon the sand,
With a magic wand in my hand,
Thought for a while with a withered smile,
Can I change this feeble sight?

I hope the nature will tell me sometime,
The mighty changes he makes within,
In this gorgeous world of his own,
Doesn’t he feel the pain in this?

Can you tell me the rules you made,
To create this faulty world of fake,
With mortal figures roaming around,
And calling them the discoverer of fate.

I hereby as a gentleman pray you,
To make some rules for us too,
So that we humans recognize our mistakes,
And get corrected to all the pride we intake.

Money may not always buy happiness

                 Money may not always buy happiness

Where I was and what I am now,
That’s a very typical story that teaches how.
How I earned those laurels and fame,
And how in between I lost the game.
The game which I started with my fellow mates,
Of aspiring to reach our success gates.
The gates beyond which wealth would reside,
And behind whom my friends would stand despised.

Leaving all my friends to their own fate,
I rushed towards my fortune gate.
Though I had already achieved a lot,
But at that time I was a greedy rogue.
Coins were my candies, money was my cupcake,
Rather than food, rupees and dollars were my intakes.
I was merely blind as I was unable to see the truth,
That lust of money lured me to waste my youth.

Though joy was still there,
But my passion for enjoyment decreased.
As friends were many around me,
But true friendship was ceased.
I had too much to share,
But I needed someone close indeed.
To reveal my sorrows and my pains,
Which were almost pathetic and discreet.

At that particular moment,
I learned an important fact.
That my decision at those gates,
Was cause of my regret,
I had betrayed my friends,
I had cheated on them.
For sake of that evil treasure,
I had committed a sin.

If now I could make up that lost time,
If now I could regress.
I would bet all my money,
And all of my progress.
This unfulfilled desire, would always prevail,
In a small closet of my heart without being unveiled.
Neither money can buy, nor wealth can be used,
To achieve that happiness again which was left and rebuked.

Drop- my first poem...

This is my first blog poem...


I dropped from top,
On the slope of umbrella’s knob.
Though my friends took a leap,
And straight away fell on the heath.

I laughed at their witty pace,
As they took a big leap and lost the race.
I thought a lot about the step they did take
And wondered why they made that mistake.

I yawned and moved on,
Feeling sorry for other’s wrong.
Took a slide with full might
On the leathery slope of my flight.

My next stop was a boot
Its colour was pitch black like soot.
But before I could come back from trance
That man just then left his stance.

I just tried on to keep the pace,
And took a grip of boot’s lace.
Though clumsy all it looked
As my pals laughed at my holded hook.

Suddenly my vehicle stopped,
That was probably a hamburger shop.
But as you know I was hanging upon,
So I just fell off my vehicle’s prong.

That lace was probably my last vehicle,
As next I fell in a stream and trickle
There I got mixed with my fellow mates
Who were already coming from ditchy lakes.

And then I went into a pond beyond
Waited and sat still for many a days long.
Waited and waited for Sun to shine bright
So that I could heat up and vaporize.

Then arrived the day of my going home
The place from where I belonged.
Where in a comfy whitish couch I would live
With my brothers and sisters along.

As I left in my vapory state
My friends gave a hue cry of their fate.
Though as a drop they couldn’t weep,
But just imagine they did this deed.

So I went on and just went on
Into the blue sky in my invisible form.
And there I reached and again yawned
As it would take a long time for me to again DROP on.