Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pursuit of becoming green...!

The time has come that we bring an end
To this old, ancient and orthodox trend
Trend of using the fruit from trees
And uprooting the same when it is use free

We did it again while making new roads
We ripped them apart using axes and ploughs
And later again for the sake of woods
We slaughtered the forests and took every piece that we could

And rivers! Oh what can I say about them
Their tale likewise trees were eerier and full of mayhem
How merrily whose water once flowed in haste
Was choked, as if chained from shackle of waste

Like Ganges, whose sheerness and chastity we pretended to adore
And then backstabbed her by pouring our filth at her shores
Either you call it divine justice or something else
But mother nature took her laugh in the ‘land of gods’ itself

Several innocents lost their soul to that holocaust
And we mortals called it mere design of god
Some referred as ‘religious martyrs’ to the deceased souls
While some called them fortunate to die at heaven’s door

What kind of sacred life are we living in this modern time?
That wise have lost their wisdom, and priest speaks odious words instead of hymns!

What kind of ominous life we are leading ourselves into now,
That even we would laugh if we knew why and how,
That how instead of talking in person to a guy
We find it much better to chat with him through a toy!

Is that the way to maintain our lineage’s past esteem?
Though it sounds so simple but it’s not as easy as it seems
How can we call ourselves good sons of our forefathers and mums?
When we are demolishing their heritage by our so called inventions.

And I wonder what kind of pater we will henceforth become
By teaching the same ways to our own sons to come
There’s still time left to halt our methods of dreadfulness
And think about something which leads to sustainable progress

There are so many ways to bring back what is lost
And it is as simple as we could ever think or ever thought
Just add mere words like ‘green’ and ‘bio’ in front
Of exquisite words like our Chemistry and the fuel that we burnt

See this is the way we make our mother nature clean
And harness the resources while her true beauty redeems
And by making less use for technology and more use of words
We can make better companions and bring harmony among us