Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"How I Met Your Mother Season 8 finale- Is Cristin Milioti really the mother we were waiting for so long?"

Yeah she is wearing those long brown boots,yes she has a yellow umbrella which is the most mentioned entity about the mother and of course she has with her the guitar case, but most thriving question is that is she really the mother on HIMYM for whom we had been awaiting for 8 years since its debut in 2005.

Season 8 finale of How I Met Your Mother on 13th May 2013 showed us the most promising person who we can call the going to be mother of this show- Cristin Milioti. But still I can't give this thing a yes till it is confirmed by the creaters of this show i.e. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. The thing which is creating so much doubts in my mind right now is that it is not officially announced yet that she is the mother. And there are some factors too which are denying these speculations of Cristin being the mother.

Here are some points to consider:-

#1- Having a yellow umbrella in her hand doesn't confirms that she is the mother. It can be that the umbrella is not the one which we all fans expected to be. Or this unnamed girl can be somewhat related to the mother and is carrying her umbrella. She can be her sister, her co-band player or her manager(well that one was just a thought, she can't be such a big star).

#2- In the credits at the end Cristin Milioti is described as 'the girl with the yellow umbrella' and not as the mother. This can be a hint by the creators that 'wait amigos the curtian is not totally opened yet'.

#3- Her physical attributes are not so familiar with the one we have been seeing in the past episodes; she looks bit short in height.

#4- Moreover it has been the habit of creators of HIMYM to surprise us with something totally unexpected everytime.

Whosever the mother is and whatsoever the other websites are claiming, I just mentioned my idea behind all this.
Yeah Cristin is cute and has sweet awesome voice but I expected something much more then that...may be Sarah Wayne Callies or Mila Kunis or maybe Melanie Jayne Lynskey!

Ok so here we end this discussion and wait for season 9 which will be live in September.
Adios amigos!